–* your one stop bed shop :))

Had a problem for your kids’ bed? Congratulations for dropping by!
Here, you’re problems will be solved!
We prepared lots of bed architectures and design for your convenience . 😀
Your one stop bed shop is here ! Anything you want is here 😀
Beds for Kids :*
Lavander Galore

Package Price: Php. 10, 000.00

Wooden-inspired Bed

Package Price: Php. 12, 900.00

Train 09

Package Price: Php. 16, 000.00


Package Price: Php. 10, 990.00

Cherry & Orange

Package Price: Php. 23, 000.00


Package Price: Php. 9, 990.00

Cool & Simple

Package Price: Php. 31, 000.00

Girls love Lavander

Package Price: Php. 22, 000.00


Package Price: Php. 35, 000.00


Package Price: Php. 18, 900.00


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  1. haixt 😀 bleeeeh 😛

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