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Futuristic Beds

‘Collect Winnie Beds’ is one biggest companies in Philippines which produce modern design for beds. This collection reflects the latest trends in contemporary bedroom design and looks even minimalist. Besides it is interesting because of original futuristic bed. Have one and be contented! 🙂

Futuristic Beds






\                               /

\                        /

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Red and White

Red and white has a good chemistry. Love and freedom in one. 😀 Perfect ! Have One 😀

Package Price: Php. 45, 000.00

Classic Brown

Brown is good for the eye. Classic brown was made for the brown-lovers out there.

It was inspired with chocolatey day. Have one and experience the chocolatey day!

Package Price: Php. 30, 000.00

White Stone

A White-stone-like bed is now in the market! It is made of wood and metallic materials that could add more to the comfortability of the individual who’s using. Size is not the problem because this bed is extendible depending on what your size is. Have fun under your white-stone-like bed and feel the highest comfort!

Package Price: Php. 24, 580.00

Next Gen

 Next Gen — another bed of ours. The latest bed of the generation. Mothers must want it and teens must love it! Have one and experience the sleep with next generation.

Package Price: Php. 18 000.00

Yellow Cab

 Yellow cab — a Taxi Company in america and a famous bed made by Collect Winnie Beds.

Comfortable and high class. Live like a king for it has a built-in Television where you can watch unlimited movies!

Have fun riding with Yellow Cab!

Package Price: Php. 36, 000.00

Blocks on the Go !

wheee ! Have a happy Living with our Blocks On the GO bed 😀

Package Price: Php. 10, 000.00


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