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Fahionable Beds

Beds do really matter. Texture, design and everything in it must be fully-detailed. Our bed has it all. Fashionable beds of all the season were here ! Try and see the difference!

Fashionable Beds of all season 😀




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Black and White

This bed was really made for those who really loves Black and White. The ambiance was so relaxing, which could lead to a very comfortable living.

Package Price: Php. 28, 000.00

Round with Love

 Shapes would really mean a lot of thing. It sometimes show what we really are. We created this rounded bed for the convenience of those who loves round. Round with love ❤

Package Price: Php. 27, 500.00

Pink Princess

 Who loves pink ? This is the perfect bed for you! Feel like a princess, sleep like princess, live like a princess. Have one !

Package Price: Php. 32, 000.00

Freedom Bed

Freedom is what every individual needs. This bed, as you could see, has a great freedom. It is very large and comfortable. Designed with a combination of love for freedom. A mixed of wood and foamy bed head. Built and prepared for you!

Package Price: Php. 23, 999.00

Rounded in Gray

 Metallic Rounded Bed, perfect for all the gays out there ! Try some cold from a day of heat 😀

Package Price: Php. 20, 090.00

Thai-inspired Fashion

Every detail must be correct ! This Thai-inspired bed is perfect. It was made with all the details in the world ! Amazing.

Package Price: Php. 26, 000.00

Simple in Pink

Simple in Pink. Yes, this simple bed is a perfect bed when paired with pink floor or wall ! Buy one and have fun with the pink!

Package Price: Php. 19, 000.00


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