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Comfy Red

Hectic schedules, busy life with countless paper works at office or at school.

Angry boss or terror instructors.

These things were just some of the factors that may lead to a stressful day.

To save a stressful day, an individual must have a great night.

And a great night is a mixture of good mood and good sleep with a COMFORTABLE BED.

Here you will experience the most beautiful side of life!

That, even we are like in the state of carrying all the problems in the world.

Still, we have our OICORT-inspired bed waiting and ready to comfort you 24/7.

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 Boys — were some kind of serious and self-spoken.

These behaviours could some time lead them into a stressful day.

The reason why, boys should have a good bed to sleep on! Here’s our bed for them !

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Best Bedrooms for Boys 🙂


A blue – inspired bedroom for boys ! It could make the boys relax to the max !

Have one and enjoy LIFE 😛

Package Price: Php. 11, 000.00

Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball inspired bed — this was made for all the boys out there who were dying hard for the sports — SOCCER 😀

Here’s another speciality for all of you guys ! Enjoy!

Package Price: Php. 11, 990.00

Boys love to Play

Another achitecture and design for all the boys who loves soccer !

With this room, you can always feel like you’re on a soccer field everyday ! Have fun !

Package Price: Php. 20, 999.00

Simply Amazing

Simply Amazing room for simply amazing boys ! Have fun with our simple room for you!

Package Price: Php. 18, 860.00


Cool under the heat of the sun ! Very affordable and conducive room for a simple guy like you!

Package Price: Php. 14, 900.00


Best place to stay ! Room — must be the most comfortable place all over your home 😀

You will surely have a great time when you have this one 😀

Package Price: Php. 10, 000.00

 Girls were fashionable compare with any other thing in this world. They love colors and designs. They love soft and comfy. That’s what girls are.

Bedrooms could somehow relay the attitude and behavior of a particular girl. That’s why, girls must have a wonderful room. And we, Collect Winnie Beds will help you out of it!











Modernized style was the most favourite of young girls.

It is made of colorful frames, stickers, wall sticker, cool floor, and a great glass window.

It is very comfortable just with the other beds. Try some and express art!

Package Price: Php. 16, 850.00


Since you’re a young girl, you really believe of a fantasy, right? And then when you grew into a teenager, admit it or not, you still believe in fantasy.

A fantasy of you as the princess and he, as your prince. This behaviour could may possibly lead you to day dreaming. Dreaming of a beautiful palace with, of course, a beautiful bed!

We can help you bring your fantasy into reality! We have the Fantasy Bed made for you ! Have one of this and experience and live happily ever after!

Package Price: Php. 15, 000.00

Natural Schemes

Simplicity is beauty — a very famous motto! Being simple could make some individual more happy with their lifestyle.

Being natural and with a natural life is the most wonderful state of being for others.

The reason why, we create this Natural Schemes bedroom. Purchase one and have a great natural sleep!

Package Price: Php. 12, 980.00

Cool Shapes

Cool Shapes could really bring more beauty to your bedroom !

 Different shapes of wallpapers, pillows, blanket, comforter. lamps and window — a great combination!

This one is really good for you shape lover 😀 .

Package Price: Php. 18, 600.00

Pink & Simple

Pink and simple is a fantastic combination.

This bed was made for those girls who loves pink and has a simple living!

Let yourself experience the beauty of LIFE 😀

Package Price: Php. 14, 070.00


Hearts, hearts, hearts — the most favourite shape of every girl!

This design shows great love for everything.

This bedroom is perfect for those who were falling in love 😀 Have one and

experience the love of a lifetime!

Package Price: Php. 22, 000.00


Love it much

Love it much — the most idealistic bedroom for a girl like you!

Have one and experience life to the fullest! 😀

Package Price: Php. 19, 000.00

Had a problem for your kids’ bed? Congratulations for dropping by!
Here, you’re problems will be solved!
We prepared lots of bed architectures and design for your convenience . 😀
Your one stop bed shop is here ! Anything you want is here 😀
Beds for Kids :*
Lavander Galore

Package Price: Php. 10, 000.00

Wooden-inspired Bed

Package Price: Php. 12, 900.00

Train 09

Package Price: Php. 16, 000.00


Package Price: Php. 10, 990.00

Cherry & Orange

Package Price: Php. 23, 000.00


Package Price: Php. 9, 990.00

Cool & Simple

Package Price: Php. 31, 000.00

Girls love Lavander

Package Price: Php. 22, 000.00


Package Price: Php. 35, 000.00


Package Price: Php. 18, 900.00

‘Collect Winnie Beds’ is one biggest companies in Philippines which produce modern design for beds. This collection reflects the latest trends in contemporary bedroom design and looks even minimalist. Besides it is interesting because of original futuristic bed. Have one and be contented! 🙂

Futuristic Beds






\                               /

\                        /

\               /

\       /


Red and White

Red and white has a good chemistry. Love and freedom in one. 😀 Perfect ! Have One 😀

Package Price: Php. 45, 000.00

Classic Brown

Brown is good for the eye. Classic brown was made for the brown-lovers out there.

It was inspired with chocolatey day. Have one and experience the chocolatey day!

Package Price: Php. 30, 000.00

White Stone

A White-stone-like bed is now in the market! It is made of wood and metallic materials that could add more to the comfortability of the individual who’s using. Size is not the problem because this bed is extendible depending on what your size is. Have fun under your white-stone-like bed and feel the highest comfort!

Package Price: Php. 24, 580.00

Next Gen

 Next Gen — another bed of ours. The latest bed of the generation. Mothers must want it and teens must love it! Have one and experience the sleep with next generation.

Package Price: Php. 18 000.00

Yellow Cab

 Yellow cab — a Taxi Company in america and a famous bed made by Collect Winnie Beds.

Comfortable and high class. Live like a king for it has a built-in Television where you can watch unlimited movies!

Have fun riding with Yellow Cab!

Package Price: Php. 36, 000.00

Blocks on the Go !

wheee ! Have a happy Living with our Blocks On the GO bed 😀

Package Price: Php. 10, 000.00

Beds do really matter. Texture, design and everything in it must be fully-detailed. Our bed has it all. Fashionable beds of all the season were here ! Try and see the difference!

Fashionable Beds of all season 😀




 \    \   /

 \  /


Black and White

This bed was really made for those who really loves Black and White. The ambiance was so relaxing, which could lead to a very comfortable living.

Package Price: Php. 28, 000.00

Round with Love

 Shapes would really mean a lot of thing. It sometimes show what we really are. We created this rounded bed for the convenience of those who loves round. Round with love ❤

Package Price: Php. 27, 500.00

Pink Princess

 Who loves pink ? This is the perfect bed for you! Feel like a princess, sleep like princess, live like a princess. Have one !

Package Price: Php. 32, 000.00

Freedom Bed

Freedom is what every individual needs. This bed, as you could see, has a great freedom. It is very large and comfortable. Designed with a combination of love for freedom. A mixed of wood and foamy bed head. Built and prepared for you!

Package Price: Php. 23, 999.00

Rounded in Gray

 Metallic Rounded Bed, perfect for all the gays out there ! Try some cold from a day of heat 😀

Package Price: Php. 20, 090.00

Thai-inspired Fashion

Every detail must be correct ! This Thai-inspired bed is perfect. It was made with all the details in the world ! Amazing.

Package Price: Php. 26, 000.00

Simple in Pink

Simple in Pink. Yes, this simple bed is a perfect bed when paired with pink floor or wall ! Buy one and have fun with the pink!

Package Price: Php. 19, 000.00

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